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Intro to Mobile Performance Marketing


Welcome to the world of Mobile Performance Marketing! We’re so glad you’ve come to check out our Taplytics Academy. Hopefully, what you find here is helpful and will be a great guide along your path toward growth for your mobile app. This Academy focuses on short, bite-sized lessons that, week-by-week, go through everything that anyone building or marketing a mobile app should know to drive real and sustainable growth.

What's Covered?

With this first lesson, we are going to start off with a simple introduction to Mobile Performance Marketing. We will also set you off with some foundational materials that you should consider as you embark on building and growing the user base of your mobile app.


Performance Marketing is all about being results-driven and driving specific actions such as acquisitions and sales. In the advertising world, Performance Marketing means paying only when users take these actions.

In the world of mobile, Performance Marketing takes on a whole new meaning. It is all about making decisions for your app that are 100% focused on providing value to your customer and their experience. In the end, you'll want to craft great experiences to drive your customer to take the actions that are most important to your app.

For instance, if your app is retail, the most important action will be a sale. If you have a social app, it will be adding friends to build a strong network and so on. No matter what type of app you’re building, Performance Marketing allows you to focus on what’s important and helps you to be smart about how you achieve your goals in the growth of your app.

Even a casual online marketer knows to look at what they spend to acquire a user to makes sure those acquisition costs are less than their lifetime value or ability to bring in more users on your behalf.

Results-Driven vs. Data-Driven

You may have been hearing a lot about being data-driven lately. While useful when you understand how to leverage data to inform decisions, it’s a concept being pushed by analytics providers to encourage you to instrument analytics events. But what do you do once you have those events tracked?

Most people look at acquisition graphs, simple funnels, and sales data. They make decisions for their products based off of this information in a non-contextual way, without direct comparisons. The problem with being data-driven is that data alone will not help you achieve success.

Performance Marketing is all about being results-driven, not data-driven. Being results-driven naturally forces you to focus on the key actions that drive desired outcomes for your mobile app and to find ways to increase those outcomes in whatever way you can.

Results-Driven Experiences

Mobile has always been about personal experiences. It’s the medium that has enabled us to find a personal connection with content and brands in a digital age. So by nature, Mobile Performance Marketing requires that personal experiences be results-driven. But how can you be results-driven when it comes to experiences?

Every experience you present to a customer, must focus on a desired action, so you should measure every event that leads (or doesn't) lead to that action.

A/B Testing

A core part of Mobile Performance Marketing is A/B testing, whether that is testing features, interfaces or notifications. A/B testing is core to Performance Marketing because it allows you to get rid of the noise of general data and analytics and gets you to focus on actionable results.

Release your changes as an A/B test, with key actions as goals to be results-driven

Performance Marketing in Practice

It’s great to read about Mobile Performance Marketing and being results-driven, but it’s another thing to do it. To help you on your journey to becoming a Mobile Growth Pro, how we've structured Taplytics Academy is to give you step-by-step guides. These guides have real-life, practical examples to ensure that you have best-practice strategies to grow your app.

Important Reading Material

We will try our best to give you all the knowledge pieces you need, but there are still some great foundational articles and courses out there that you should probably read if you haven’t already. Below are a few on growth, analytics and conversion rate optimization that we've lovingly hand picked to get you started.

Whenever possible, Taplytics Academy will also point you in the direction of great 3rd party material so that you can enhance your learning and skills.

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